Duinvilla 12 - 5

EuroParcs Poort van Zeeland

The top comfort offered by type Duinvilla 2 is symbolized by the sauna that can be accessed from the large bathroom on the first floor. This bathroom, in turn, can only be accessed from the master bedroom! Young children can sleep in the second bedroom next to the master bedroom, so you can still keep an eye on that which gives love and meaning to life while maintaining privacy. For older children or simply a larger party, the upstairs has no less than four bedrooms plus a bathroom and a separate toilet. The villa can accommodate a total of 12 persons.

The Duinvilla 2 type is built with durable materials that are fully equipped for its location near the beach and the big water. Walking into the beautiful entrance hall and past the staircase and separate toilet, you will find a large living room with an adjoining open kitchen equipped with all the kitchen accessories you would expect in a high-level cooking area. In these rooms, the feeling of home is truly experienced. A large dining table and a sitting area with fireplace give the vacation villa even more warmth. That feeling, that class, is also expressed in your investor's perspective.

EuroParcs Poort Van Zeeland - Duinvilla - Living Room


Lot number5
Number of persons12 personen
Number of bedrooms6

EuroParcs Poort van Zeeland

South Holland
  • Near the beaches of Zeeland

  • Large indoor playground

  • Close to Rotterdam